In celebration of Inclusive Schools week, FHES PTA will be putting on a Walk In My Shoes event on Thursday, December 5th . Parents, we would love for you to join us and help with this event!  We are looking for all day volunteers and for time slot volunteers (when a certain grade level attends), whenever you can come in, we'd love to have your help!


Walk In My Shoes increases social acceptance of all children by teaching students how they can be understanding and helpful to children confronting a variety of challenges. It enables students to experience the perspectives of students with visual, speech, fine motor, sensory, communication, attention, and other impairments. It fosters an environment where differences are respected by providing students with the opportunity to see the world from the viewpoints of others, creating a more welcoming experience for all.


Our goal:  to further facilitate children learning to be understanding and kind to each other no matter their differences, and that will it extend past Walk In My Shoes, the classroom and the playground.


The program gives students a broader understanding of the daily situations faced by some of their friends with developmental challenges and learning differences. The program fosters empathy for others and gets students thinking about how they might be able to help a friend.


Students will participate in activities that challenge fine motor, sensory integration, attention, vision, visual motor integration, and other skills.


JOIN US!! Volunteers are a key part of this event! We especially need parents and teachers who can model supportive attitudes toward kids with differences and are available during the school day.



If you would like to be part of this memorable event that students will look back on and draw lessons from for years to come, or have questions about this event, please contact: Neera Datta or Karyn Patino.


Additional Resources: 


Reading Materials

Mrs. Rankin has compiled Inclusion, kindness and empathy book sets that she can assign to your class. The students can access this bookset via their Myon account. There will also be some books pulled for students to read in the library itself.


Links to Supplemental Materials:

FHES PTA December Kindness Calendar Linked Here

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Kindness Bingo Game Linked Here (courtesy of

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Tag You’re It, Pay It Forward Kindness Tickets (courtesy of

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