This committee nominates and presents a slate of officers at the May PTA General Meeting for the following school year. Nominating committee members should have a broad acquaintance with the membership and a basic understanding of the PTA’s functions and purpose.  Responsibilities include: electing nominating committee chairperson (from within committee members); meeting to identify individuals to fill the roles of the executive board and any vacant committee chair positions; funneling any committee volunteers to the appropriate current vice presidents to place upon committees; contacting individuals to determine their willingness to serve in the nominated role; and presenting a slate of officers at the May PTA General Meeting (May 17th, 2021).



(the outgoing president can fulfill these responsibilities)

  • The parliamentarian emails the Nominating Committee candidates to confirm participation on the committee.
  • The parliamentarian attends the beginning of the first meeting and gives instructions in procedure and chairs the election of the chairman.
  • Instructs the chairman of the chair’s responsibility.
  • Prepares a list to be left with the committee of offices/ chairpersonships to be filled and eligibility of members to serve in a given office.
  • Leaves a copy of the bylaws for use by the committee (or provides link to location on website).
  • The parliamentarian provides the number at which she can be reached for assistance and leaves the meeting.



  • Distribute Nomination Forms to the PTA Membership prior to first Nominating Committee Meeting
  • Schedule committee meeting date after Nomination Form due date- this meeting should be 2 months prior to election date.
    • designate one committee member to pick up Nomination Forms from PTA mailbox
  • Elect committee chairperson
  • Review officer positions and duties & vacant committee chairperson duties (available within the PTA bylaws and on the PTA website)
  • Contact parliamentarian if any questions regarding duties or time commitment
  • Remind everyone that all discussions are confidential and should remain within the confines of the nominating committee, including the reasons for acceptance or rejection of the position.
  • Prepare a tentative slate of talented, motivated and responsible nominees to serve as PTA board members and / or committee chairpersons.
  • Each nominee:
    • must be a PTA member (consult membership committee chair for a membership list)
    • must be enthusiastic and supportive of PTA
    • should have knowledge of the organization and its role in the school and in the community
    • should be willing to give PTA a satisfactory level of priority and commitment, including attendance at meetings
    • should be able to work well with people
  • Call/ speak with potential nominees and include a clear indication of responsibilities of the position.
    • Don’t try to persuade a reluctant individual.
    • Don’t try to “fill the board” just to have names in place.
  • Schedule follow-up nominating committee meeting to finalize slate.
  • Committee members create slate of nominees for board and vacant committee chair positions.
  • Current president is notified of nominees in writing at least 44 days prior to election meeting in order to notify membership of slate of nominees. General membership is notified in writing of the slate of nominees 30 days prior to the general meeting election.

*italics denote FHES PTA bylaws


2021 Nominating Committee Form









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