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Gift Card Fundraising

Special announcement - pick “ship to coordinator” by November 29, 2023 for free shipping! Cards will be available for pickup in early december. Exact dates and times will be announced.

Raise funds by buying gift cards from RaiseRight to pay for your everyday shopping and spending year-round. Groceries, dining out, home improvement, and everything in between. It’s the most convenient and effective way to fundraise because earning becomes part of your everyday life. Plus, gift cards are great for helping you to set and keep a weekly budget. 


How it works:

  • Buy gift cards at full value from 750+ brands. Pick from eGift cards and physical gift cards.
  • Earn up to 20% for the PTA on every gift card you buy.
  • Use gift cards at full value for your everyday purchases.

Get started today!


Create a free fundraising account on the RaiseRight mobile app or at

Have questions or need our organization’s enrollment code? Contact: to have your questions directed to Clare.


Notes & Tips:


  • You can see the percentage that the FHES PTA receives from each gift card purchase! Sometimes there are special offers via email where the PTA receives a greater percentage.
  • There may be shipping and payment processing fees involved. To lessen the fees, please pay through a bank account (ACH payments are only $0.29 total per order!), bundle physical gift card purchases, and/or use email delivery. In some cases (for example, a VISA gift card with no activation fee) you can actually save money, even purchasing a physical card compared to buying in the store!
  • Want to look before committing? Click HERE to check out the cards available and the percentage that goes to supporting the FHES PTA. Use the link at the top of this page to join or the enrollment code " VKQA8QERCTFC " if you decide to support us later!
  • Non-FHES families can support us too! Extended family, neighbors, etc. are all welcome to sign up.