The FHES PTA Read-a-Thon is back! Our goal is to encourage your student’s love of reading while raising funds for our school. In the last FHES Read-A-Thon, students read over 100,000 minutes and over $8,000 was raised for the FHES PTA.


How do I participate? 

Register your student today here: 


Your student can choose to personalize his or her page with a picture, record and track minutes read, and share his or her Read-A-Thon page with extended family and friends to help raise money for FHES. Your student’s Read-A-Thon page can only be viewed by yourself and those who you choose to share the link with via email, Facebook and/or Twitter. Students will receive a free prize for simply creating their FHES Read-A-Thon reader page. 


When is the Read-A-Thon? 

The Read-a-thon will occur March 1-29th, 2024. Start tracking your minutes Friday, March 1!




The PTA will spend an average of $100 per student on resources and programs that directly touch each student at FHES. 100% of the money collected from the Read-A-Thon will be used to fund important school wide programs such as classroom technology, field trips, staff development, reading resources, assemblies and the list goes on.


Do I have to collect donations to participate? 

NO. While raising funds to support our school is one of our goals, the Read-A-Thon is first and foremost about encouraging students to read. Students do not have to collect donations to participate in the Read-A-Thon. Every student is encouraged to participate and everyone who tracks their minutes online or turns in a reading log will have their name featured on the bulletin board in the library. We encourage all students to read and track their minutes.



Last year the most minutes read by a single student was 4,200. They won a digital camera. This year we have upped the prizes as follows:


  • Grand Prize (most number of minutes read - top readers will be able to choose which of these they want to do in order of total minutes read)
    • Extreme sports camera  Amazon link
    • 3D printing pen Amazon link
    • McDonald’s lunch with 2 friends w/Principal Montequila (brought to cafeteria) 
    • Gift cards to Bards Alley 


  • Grade-level prize for most minutes read
      • Slime Principal Montaquila - one reader from each grade level will have the opportunity to "slime" the Principal at a school event later this year. 


  • Read-A-Thon Disney Trip Raffle Price
    • The Read-A-Thon organization includes the opportunity to be entered into a raffle wo win a trip to Disney if you send 10 texts to family or friends through the Read-A-Thon website. FHES is not affiliated with this prize but it is included with the Read-A-Thon setup!


  • Prize for 2000 minutes read


      • Wired Headphones 


  • Prizes for 1000 minutes read 


      • Pokemon cards


  • Prizes for 500 minutes read


      • Small prizes including pencils and other items


  • Prize for Registration


    • Ben & Jerry’s bookmark with coupon for free ice cream just for registering!
















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