Does your child have a favorite sports team or vacation destination?  Does he or she love volcanos, Fortnite, cats, lacrosse or Abe Lincon?  We invite all of our students to showcase what they know at Flint Hill’s Show What You Know (SWYK) event.  
SWYK is Flint Hill’s annual volunteer learning fair where all K-6 students are encouraged to share their knowledge and interests with the Flint Hill community.  PBL’s (Project Based Learning projects) done at school are welcome!  Students can work alone or with a partner. 
Please note that this is NOT a science fair (even though science experiments are welcome!).   Projects will not be judged – this is an information-sharing event only.  So, grab a tri-fold board, put some information together on a favorite topic (photos, drawings, fun facts etc), and VOILA! – you are ready for Show What You Know!!
The date for this spring event is TBD.
Questions? Contact our VP of Programs at 






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