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After School Programs Coordinator Needed!

8/26/2023 10:01 pm

On-Site Programs Coordinator Description

The On-Site Programs Coordinator (“Coordinator”) will serve as the primary on-site point of
contact for the FHES PTA Enrichment Volunteer and the Enrichment Programs.


  • The Coordinator will be at Flint Hill Elementary School for the entirety of the After School Programs, which is generally 30 minutes prior to the start of programs and 30 minutes after programs have ended.
  • The Coordinator will distribute and collect the following rosters:
    • Rosters/Sign-in & out sheets
    • Allergy lists
  • The Coordinator will maintain a list of children participating in the after-school programs with medical issues, including severe allergies. This list will be shared with the Instructors.
  • The Coordinator will help to ensure all the Instructors are at their classrooms on time. If an Instructor is late or will be out on that day the Coordinator will remain with the class until the Instructor arrives and/or finds a new Instructor for the day.
  • The Coordinator will assist program staff with disruptive children and resolve any issues that may arise during the after school program.
  • The Coordinator will assist with getting students to their classrooms if they are late, finding any students that do not report to their designated area, calling families to confirm student location, and will also assist with dismissing the children from the after–school club. If an Instructor needs to leave before all the children are dismissed then the Coordinator will remain with the students until all students have been picked up by their parents/caretaker.
  • The Coordinator will communicate with the Baroody Camps School Ambassador, PTA, teachers, instructors and parents when necessary on all matters related to the operation of programs.

If you would be interested in filling this much needed position, please contact Sabrina
at to learn more.